Are you looking for exquisite engagement rings and bridal jewellery in Melbourne that not only reflects your partner or your own spirit and personality, but also captures the unique connection and undying love that two people share? REIGNE JEWELLERY stocks an inspiring bridal jewellery set and collection that has been personally curated by the diamond experts and owners Zac and Dana.

We boast excellent insight into the latest trends, an understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences, and knowledge of the mechanics behind quality handcrafted jewellery. Our exquisite bridal collection delivers the perfect balance between timeless art and modern luxury. We’re confident that you’ll find an item that aligns with your sensibilities and preferences.

Our Impressive Selection

We have an impressive selection of stunning bridal jewellery in Melbourne for you to choose from, including:

  • 18k white gold engagement rings
  • Art deco inspired diamond engagement bands
  • Halo drop pendant
  • Pear shape wedding earrings

Whether you want solitaire, sapphire or Edwardian diamond engagement rings, we can alter the gem size and diamond grading to suit your needs.

Enquire Today

REIGNE JEWELLERY is your one-stop store for custom made engagement rings and bridal jewellery in the Melbourne CBD. Browse our range today to discover the perfect engagement rings and other jewellery pieces. You can also contact us by calling (03) 9639 9566 or filling out our online enquiry form.