Handcrafted Diamond Pendants: For that Special Someone

Are you looking for elegant diamond pendants and necklaces for a special moment or when you want to look and feel glamorous? At Reigne Jewellery, we have an enviable collection of items that can satisfy even the most discerning customers. From a striking double halo necklace and an infinity pendant necklace that draws the eyes and makes a strong visual statement through to a more subtle rose gold ring necklace or bezel set that complements rather than overpowers surrounding features, we’ve got an excellent range to choose from.

Express Your Personal Style

The range of diamond pendants at our boutique store in Melbourne CBD include timeless designs that have been handcrafted to perfection. Skilled jewellery makers treat each and every item as a piece of magnificent artwork, giving wearers the opportunity to express their personal style through jewellery with boldness, colour and a hint of glamour by day or night. Our customers walk away with a piece of jewellery that they will love wearing and flaunting while still treasuring it for many years to come.

Browse Online Today or Visit Us in Store

At REIGNE JEWELLERY, our diamond pendants and necklaces are second to none in quality and beauty. If you need assistance finding the best item for you or someone special in your life, call us on (03) 9639 9566 or enquire online. You can rely on us to provide reliable advice and helpful suggestions.