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REIGNE is a luxury jewellery brand by husband and wife duo Dana and Zac Aviv. Experts in diamonds and precious gems, they have designed and curated a modern collection of handcrafted, collectable pieces that deliver the perfect balance between timeless, wearable pieces of art and modern luxury.

When you step into REIGNE, you don’t need to be a jewellery expert or even know what you are looking for, Zac and Dana have that covered. Always ready to answer your questions, give sound advice and empower you to make decisions, they will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. A crash course on diamonds or a cold beer to calm your pre-proposal nerves – you are welcomed with open arms and they will work tirelessly to find the perfect piece.

For Zac and Dana, trust and reputation is central to everything they do, every decision they make, and every relationship they have with both their customers and their suppliers. Their vision for REIGNE is to provide an alternative to the high-end stores who rely more on their name, and less on the quality of their customer service, by providing something above and beyond the standard experience.

Dana and Zac feel privileged to be able to celebrate life’s precious moments with their customers and welcome them to the REIGNE family, celebrating the circle of life with their inspiring collection of engagement, bridal and special occasion jewellery.

zac aviv

zac aviv
Owner & Gem Expert

Zac’s passion for diamonds and rare gemstones is infectious. You cannot meet him without feeling instantly at ease. Zac holds a Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has extensive experience buying, trading and looking at thousands of stones. Together with Dana, he has travelled the globe to the US, Israel, Hong Kong and beyond in search for unique jewellery and rare stones, giving him a fine eye that is trained to look for imperfections and unique details.

A hopeless romantic at heart, Zac believes in the symbolism of commitment and love that is represented through precious stones. His passion is to help REIGNE’s clients feel as comfortable as possible with the process of buying jewellery and to ensure they leave feeling informed, empowered and excited by the possibilities that await. You are just as likely to leave REIGNE with a lifelong friend as you are to leave with a piece of jewellery. Don’t be surprised if you walk in looking for advice about engagement rings and end up inviting Zac to your wedding!

dana aviv

dana aviv
Owner & Designer

As a child, Dana spent countless hours exploring rare gemstones and exquisite jewellery in her parents’ atelier. Much of the designer’s young adult life was spent travelling overseas attending trade fairs and viewings as well as scouring the streets of London, Paris and Buenos Aires for rare pieces. It was these early experiences that gave Dana an appreciation for intricate designs and awoke in her a passion would set her on a path for life.

With a Graduate Gemologist Diploma from GIA, Dana has worked alongside some of New York’s finest diamond dealers, giving her a special appreciation of the industry.

As a mum of three young children, Dana has developed an awe of her natural surroundings as she sees the breathtaking beauty of nature through her children’s eyes. This has inspired her to create magic in the form of her own bespoke collection of nature-inspired jewellery.


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