Nature inspired luxury
crafted by hand

The emergence of an idea

Taking inspiration from the designer’s awe of the powerful organic movement and forms found in nature, REIGNE’s bespoke collection references nature’s alluring shapes, textures and colours to create wearable one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


In 2011 when the designer’s first baby was born, Dana felt a remarkable urge to share the beauty of Mother Nature with her newborn son.

Over the course of baby Liam’s first four years, Dana spent much of her time exploring their hometown of Melbourne, Australia and its surrounding areas with her baby, and travelling the globe to accompany her husband Zac on his business trips. It was these daily encounters with nature and diverse travel scenes coupled with the experience of seeing the simple beauty of nature through a child’s eyes that formed the essence of REIGNE’s bespoke collection.

“Once one sees nature through the eyes of a young child, the world becomes a magical place. Whether it be the richness of colour during the Autumn season, the sound made when a child scrunches fallen leaves in his hand, the reflections in puddles of water or the smell of spring rain – inspiration is truly everywhere”.


The designer can often be found walking around with a pad of paper and pen in her hand, roughly sketching things from the streets, or taking snaps with her iPhone of the fine details of an element of nature.

sourcing stones

All gemstones and diamonds sourced for REIGNE’s bespoke collection have been hand selected to ensure the finest quality that meet REIGNE’s exceptionally high standards.


Having been partners in a jewellery business specialising in rare handcrafted vintage pieces, owners Dana and Zac have come to appreciate and understand the high quality and uniqueness achieved through hand-crafted jewellery.

REIGNE’s bespoke collection uses skilled artisans who use meticulous hand-crafted techniques and processes, promising uncompromised quality and detail for all of REIGNE’s bespoke pieces of jewellery.

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