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  • When selecting a diamond, consider the 4Cs:


    When purchasing a diamond, the cut is the most important factor to consider as this is what determines the vibrancy and brilliance of a polished diamond. 


    While diamonds come in a variety of colours, the “colour” in a white diamond actually refers to the degree to which a diamond appears to be absent of colour or colourless.

    Diamonds are graded on a colour scale which ranges from D (colourless) to Z (strong yellow or brown colour). The higher the colour grade on the colour scale, the less colour there is in the diamond, and therefore the more expensive it will be.


    Diamond clarity refers to the small internal imperfections or marks within a diamond (called inclusions) and surface flaws (referred to as blemishes).

    The importance of clarity increases with the size of your diamond as they become more visible.


    Although commonly thought to refer to the size of a diamond, a Carat is actually a standard unit of measure defining the weight of a diamond. This weight  is expressed in ‘points’ on a scale up to 99, with 100 points equaling one carat.

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