sku - A1282


0.58 carat integrate rose gold strand ring


Expertly designed to hold 0.58 carats of tiny diamonds,  this 14K rose gold ring is a  stunning representation of a harmonious and integrated relationship or unity. The band of the ring splits at the shoulder, and the four separate diamond-decorated rose gold strands overlap and move beautifully amongst one another to form one continuous whole. Wear this ring as a  gorgeous reminder of a relationship or connection that holds a special place in your heart.

It is important to us at REIGNE that all our customers leave the store with the precise item of jewellery they envision. As such, we are always willing to alter and customise our pieces to accommodate your specific jewellery preferences and budget. Please ask us about diamond gemstone colours, cuts and grading, as well as more intricate design elements when you visit us in-store.